The surprising benefits of volunteering

The surprising benefits of volunteering



You probably know that, as a volunteer, your commitment has a positive impact on your socio-economic environment. But did you know that volunteering has a less "charitable" and a much more surprising impact, especially on young people who decide to go down this path?


Boosted self-confidence


Many volunteers who took part in the actions organized in partnership with Dir iddik showed considerable gain in self-confidence, fueled by the opportunity to try something new, to work in groups with complete strangers, to be part of a community outside their comfort zone (family and friends) and come out with a sense of achievement.

In addition, knowing that they have made a difference and have had a positive impact on people, communities or society as a whole; enhances the positive aspect of their commitment.


A comprehensive profile


It is commonly known that candidates are no longer judged on the basis of their academic career by a potential recruiter, but on their soft skills and their life experiences. Volunteers have the opportunity to learn new skills in the field, and to develop their abilities.

Volunteering and voluntary work in general; constitute the elements with the strongest impact on the CV of a recent graduate. This is reflected in our statistics since the vast majority of our active volunteers, as well as representatives of partner associations; are students at the end of their university studies. Young people from various Moroccan universities, public high schools and vocational training institutes; wishing to improve their employability and develop their profiles.


A better quality of life


According to studies conducted by several organizations promoting volunteer work in the United States, regular volunteer commitment has a positive impact on physical and mental health. According to feedback from Dir iddik, we found that our most loyal volunteers showed undeniable optimism and precious attitude to life.

The explanation is quite simple; the human brain releases the hormone responsible for pleasure when a person does a good deed. By helping our neighbor, we are reducing the risk of depression as well as the effects of stress, anger and anxiety. A highly addictive circle, hence the interest of starting small and then letting nature do the rest.

But perhaps the main benefit of volunteering is the fun that young people have, regardless of the type of action they are involved in.