Volunteers, the cornerstone of voluntary work

Volunteers, the cornerstone of voluntary work



The community network in Morocco is enjoying a certain growth and dynamism that places it at the head of several major socioeconomic projects. Key player in the country's development, with more than 50,000 active organizations identified in December 2011 by the Office of the High Commissioner for Planning (HCP), following a survey of Moroccan non-profit organizations; this movement is driven by important legislative updates and the increase of support and funding bodies.


Many organizations, few volunteers


However, this optimism is reflected very little on official figures of volunteering since only 4% of Moroccans are engaged in voluntary activities, according to a study conducted by the international firm Deloitte and presented in 2011 at the 8th edition of the National Forum of Charitable organizations and Foundations.

It is therefore relatively easy to create and maintain an organization, but it is extremely difficult to mobilize and retain volunteers.


Dir iddik's mission


In addition to connecting organizations and volunteers, Dir iddik works to promote the culture of volunteering among young people. With more than 62,000 volunteers registered on www.diriddik.ma, the service has supported more than 20 organizations across the country in 2018, organizing about 50 actions involving more than 1,000 volunteers. Young people, for the most part, mobilized in schools and universities, to take part in actions in urban, peri-urban and rural areas, covering topics as diverse as education, citizenship or health.

A mission of primary importance, since 7 out of 10 organizations say they rely entirely on volunteers while half of them show serious difficulties in mobilizing them (according to the HCP).


Good practices


The question that many organizations ask themselves is the following: how to mobilize and above all retain the volunteers?

Based on the working methods used by Dir iddik, here are some good and effective practices that are simple to adopt:

1 – Communicate clearly on the needs of the organization in terms of volunteers (number required, duration of the mission, preferred skills) and on the tasks that each one is responsible for.

2 – Increase the number of reminders by email, Whatsapp and phone, during registration, a few days before D-Day and the day before the event.

3 – Strengthen the sense of belonging by distributing goodies (t-shirts, caps, scarves, badges) and certificates of participation, and by providing a download link for photos and videos.

All these steps are simplified by the basic features made available to organizations registered on www.diriddik.ma. For any additional information, do not hesitate to send us your questions on contact@diriddik.com.