Some new forms of volunteer engagement

Some new forms of volunteer engagement


A large number of people who wish to make an occasional and non-long-term commitment to help evolve alongside volunteers loyal to associations and platforms such as Dir iddik.


These new types of volunteers who emphasize the difference between simple engagement and social activism have a lot to offer in terms of experience and skills, provided they know how to approach them and encourage them to participate. .


Assist communication on social networks


Young people born after 1995 do not know the pre-internet world. They grew up with a touch screen in their hands and a dual digital identity. They communicate in a natural way on social networks and control the habits and habits of Internet users. This know-how is very useful for associations, the majority of which have major gaps in digital communication.


More than 61% of associations listed on do not have a website, according to a survey conducted in February 2019, while 52% of them share on Facebook less than one publication a week and 42% do not even have an Instagram account. The vast majority, however, expressed their desire to make up for this delay through the training and support of a third party organization, classifying the communication needs (online and off-line) seconds after the logistical and material needs.


A simpler solution is offered to them and would come from these tens of thousands of young people who are qualified and willing to lend a hand, provided they give them time, value their work and give free rein to their creativity. .


Sports volunteering


Another area in which many qualified profiles could have a quick positive impact on their environment is the sport. Former athletes, retired coaches or simple fans of football, basketball or surfing, sports volunteering is the mission of choice for a large number of talents that few people solicit.


However, offering two hours a week to train the neighborhood team could have as much positive effect on society as organizing a street cleaning or clothing collection. Sport becomes a pretext to promote the values of citizenship, citizenship and sharing, especially among the youngest.




A widespread tutoring program on all Moroccan schools and universities would undoubtedly help students during their studies and help them better understand the professional environment. But in the meantime, everyone can reach out to the students in difficulty around him by taking charge of a small group of young people. Once a week, a fortnight or even a month is sometimes enough to create a click.


Mathematics, science, French or English, everything is good for a large number of students who can not afford private tutoring. A few hours offered to an association focused on education and youth are sufficient in many cases to redress the academic trajectory of a young person in difficulty.


And on another level, exchanges between a university student and a volunteer executive or entrepreneur, established over a defined period of time, and with pre-established objectives, allow the mentor to assist the young person in carrying out his career plan. The Moroccan Student Foundation and Injaz Al-Maghrib offer an institutional framework for mentoring but can not alone meet the needs of the 345,000 students enrolled each year in economics, 223,000 in human sciences and 141,000 in science and technology ... (Ministry of Education) National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research - Statistics 2017 202016-2017.pdf%). Hence the interest of further promoting professional tutoring and introducing it into the corporate culture.