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The health crisis had a negative impact on the entire Moroccan associative fabric, but Dir Iddik managed to stay the course and emerge enlarged. Here is some statistical data from the first half of 2021 to prove it.

A difficult period

The COVID-19 crisis and health measures (including containment) have penalized a very large number of associations whose scope of action has been significantly limited by:

  • The inability to organize face-to-face gatherings,
  • Difficulties related to inter-urban and intra-urban travel,
  • Reduced financial resources,
  • Reduced sponsorship opportunities, etc.

While some associations have been able to make a rapid transition to digital with online training workshops and internet appeals for donations, many of them have simply frozen their activities while waiting for better days.

Increase in the number of associations

However, we managed to Dir iddik to increase the total number of associations registered and active on the platform, which went from 120 associations in January 2021 to more than 146 associations in June of the same year. An increase of 21% due in large part to the slow recovery observed at the start of the year, the period of Ramadan conducive to charitable actions, and the rapid conversion of certain associations towards less restrictive field action formats (account -maintained sanitary limitations).

Also, as awareness of the initiative increases, we receive more and more applications, but only those that correspond to the values ​​and mission of Dir iddik are accepted. We must not forget that we are above all and remain a platform for connecting associations and volunteers. Both parties should benefit from this relationship equally.

Organization of events in 2021

The associations registered on Dir iddik organized between January and June 2021 a total of 83 events including campaigns for the distribution of clothing and hot meals in winter, food baskets for families in need, land renovations, training in online and face-to-face and ftours throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

In terms of themes, it should be noted that 83% of these actions focused on social issues and solidarity, while 9% focused on education, 7% on sport and 1% on the environment.

Dir iddik has technically and logistically supported, within the framework of the “Call for volunteers” operation, 6 field actions organized in 5 cities (Casablanca, Safi, Laâyoune, Fez and Kénitra) all relating to sport with a strong social dimension and educational.

Direct and indirect benefits

Overall, more than 520 volunteers were mobilized for the events organized this year and posted on the website, an average of 7 volunteers per action. A very satisfactory figure knowing that the authorizations obtained firmly limit the maximum number of eligible participants per action. Also, travel restrictions between regions and the closure of reception areas (youth centers and others) also played an important role in the slowdown in associative activity.

In a completely different register, it should be noted that in total, more than 25,000 people have benefited (or will continue to benefit) directly from the fallout from the operations organized in 2021.

Let us remain hopeful and continue to work for the causes that are close to our hearts!

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