Dir iddik

About Dir iddik


What is Dir iddik ?

Dir iddik is an initiative of the telecom operator inwi which aims to create bridges between the associative world and volunteers using the internet platform www.diriddik.ma.

The digital platform Dir iddik facilitates the connection between existing associations and young volunteers wishing to give their time.

Dir iddik collaborates with associations of all sizes in all cities of Morocco. Together, concrete actions are developed with the help of volunteers without financial contribution. The idea is to give your time, not your money.

Who can participate ?

Anyone can participate in Dir iddik as long as they are at least 18 years old. Dir iddik is for all people of good will, and all those who think they can improve things by dedicating their time. So, be part of the Dir iddik volunteers by participating in the associations' projects.

How to participate in the projects ?

It's very easy, you can register in 1 click! You will receive by email a confirmation of registration to the project you have chosen. By registering on the Dir iddik platform, you can register for the projects of your choice.


Find the Dir iddik Charter

The latter describes the values in which the social initiative is embedded.

Le sens de l'engagement_cercle

The Meaning of Commitment

Your commitment is part of the positive change in society. Get involved and be proud of your involvement.


Loving your country and committing yourself to the well-being of your communities: that's what it means to be a citizen!


You are sensitive to civic causes and you commit yourself in a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity.


You offer your listening skills and your benevolence without judging others.

Team Spirit

Let's act in a spirit of mutual aid to build a better world !


By committing yourself to a cause, you are aware of your responsibility and of the tasks entrusted to you


Dedicating your time and energy for a cause you care about is the beginning of happiness !


Sense of duty, integrity and transparency are part of your values


You are not stingy with your time, your efforts or your good mood: that is also the Dir iddik spirit


Thanks to your optimism, you will be even more persevering in your commitment. Share your positive energy !