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Free benefits

inwi wishes to encourage associations that trust him and help them in their daily lives by offering them the "Association Pack", a free support that will allow them to be known and promote their actions. 

An exclusive offer to associations registered on the website diriddik.ma having already published and carried out a project calling for volunteers during the past year.

The association pack includes 2 major components:

inwi gratuitously offers to eligible associations, a varied program of certified training throughout the year to support them in the implementation of their project and to develop their skills and their mastery.

inwi offers associations support in terms of visibility, enabling them to receive better media coverage, through a poster campaign, the creation of a website or even a spotlight on the website or TV.

You can benefit from the Association Pack , if you are:

An association registered on the site diriddik.ma having published and carried out at least one project on the platform diriddik.ma during the last year.

Pack association

Participate in the Dir iddik initiative and add your association

Join the network of associations already partners: If you want to join the associations participating in the Dir iddik initiative, you can complete this information. The addition of a new association is subject to moderation first.

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Moroccan Solidarity Across Borders Association
Moroccan Solidarity Across Borders Association