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Are you young, do you want to participate in grassroots actions as a volunteer, but you have no idea where to start? This article is a great place to start.

Find a theme that speaks to you!

Not all volunteer opportunities are created equal, and not all volunteers are drawn to the same type of action. Find a subject that fascinates you then look for associations active in this field. Are you good at languages? Approach an association that offers training to young people. Have you always been very athletic and are you good with children? Offer your services free of charge to a sports association, a neighborhood club or a youth center.

Facebook is an effective tool to get in touch with these associations and arrange a meeting. Share your vision, be clear about your expectations and availability, and above all, be persuasive and passionate.

Keep in mind that you must have fun. Happiness is contagious and transmission in a good mood is the best pedagogy.

Get organized

The expression "human being is a creature of habit" is commonly used in anthropology, and for good reason. Make volunteering a habit and set a clear schedule and tenable goals. Good organization, at home or at work, is an effective way to simplify your life and spend fluid and stress-free days. You will thus be able to harmoniously combine all aspects of your daily life: private life, work and volunteering.

By being well organized, volunteering is no longer a chore, but an escape route. Doing good and being altruistic causes the body to secrete oxytocin, one of the pleasure hormones. So you do good while doing good to yourself.

And know that everyone can engage at their own pace. Some will be able to participate in a charity caravan every 6 months while others will be on the premises of the association in their neighborhood every weekend. And that's the charm of it, no one is there to judge you.

Create a circle of passionate friends

Volunteering is a social activity. Traveling alone to a field action where you don't know anyone can be intimidating for most people. Going there with friends, on the other hand, is a good plan to reiterate, especially if the activity in question is taking place in a good mood.

Many Dir iddik volunteers took part in actions in remote areas where they forged strong friendships, discovered magnificent landscapes and benefited from the hospitality and generosity of the local populations. They are now very autonomous and no longer hesitate to organize themselves in groups and share good tips.

Be sure that together, your motivation will always be at the top and it will be easier for you to find opportunities. In addition, it is safer and more profitable since you will be able to pool your transport and accommodation costs (possibly).

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