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Regular engagement as a volunteer is your opportunity to support your community, meet new people, and get a fresh perspective of the world. Meanwhile, in its broadest definition, volunteering also offers a number of benefits to young graduates as it enhances their employability while increasing their value in the job market. 

Develop your Skills 

Volunteering experience in an organization (association, NGO, social club, federation, etc.) can effectively train and refine your technical knowledge. By organizing an event or participating in an appeal for donations, the project managers of tomorrow will be well prepared for the responsibilities of a full-time job within a company. 

Recruiting volunteers, selling items (pins, cakes, t-shirts, etc.) to raise funds, or simply participating in the collection of donations sharpens the business acumen hiding in each of us. 

Finally, being in charge of a group of volunteers and managing field actions highlights a person’s managerial skills and gives them an insight into the daily life of an executive or team leader. 

Networking Opportunities 

With networking becoming the mantra of young entrepreneurs and recent graduates (i.e. job seekers), the question is this: How can you create or expand your professional network? 

Start by getting involved with a nonprofit organization. In the United States, for example, which has a deeply rooted culture of volunteerism, nearly 40% of university students have already volunteered. This allows them to meet a multitude of interesting people, potential (future) business partners, professionals, mentors and, in some cases, recruiters. 

And in a world where more and more companies are becoming responsible and developing their own CSR strategies, there has never been a greater need for young people who are seasoned hands at social work. 

Filling Some Gaps 

The job seeker's quest is simply paradoxical: They need experience to be hired and they need to work to gain experience. Volunteering will magically solve this problem. Associations accept all volunteers, including less experienced ones, and the more commitment they show, the more referrals they will receive. 

Graduates of Morocco's top business schools (and Moroccan universities) struggle to get job interviews once they graduate: A waiting period of 12 to 18 months after graduation is typical. They can use this period to help the community and enrich their academic and professional careers. 

Young volunteers can catch the eye of recruiters by putting their greatest achievements and projects on their CVs, while underlining their high level of motivation. 

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