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A Dir iddik ambassador is a volunteer who has shown impeccable commitment during his or her participation in several projects organized by Dir iddik and its partner associations. This ambassador joins the other Dir iddik ambassadors who act as spokespersons for the initiative in Morocco.

The ambassador title will be awarded to volunteers who have: 

  • Collected 1000 points and participated in 3 different actions during the last 12 months 
  • Signed the image-related rights waiver 
  • Demonstrated a commitment during their participation in previous Dir iddik projects

You can register your association on the Dir iddik website by accessing the following link: https://diriddik.ma/fr/proposer-une-association and filling in the registration form. This process may take a few minutes, since you will have to provide some details about your association and the activities you organize. Please keep in mind that all applications are subject to validation by a human operator. Filling out the fields carefully and truthfully will speed up the validation process.

All associations must be Moroccan or operating on Moroccan territory with leaders or beneficiaries living in Morocco. Above all, they must be able to mobilize volunteers during their actions since volunteering is the cornerstone of Dir iddik. Foundations and cooperatives meeting these criteria are also eligible. Obviously, associations operating in fields close to Dir iddik's strategic axes have a slight advantage, especially in youth, education, sport, training, technology, environment and citizenship.

Dir iddik is committed to assisting the associations with which it collaborates by providing them with a database of nearly 70,000 volunteers across the country through the www.diriddik.ma platform. Some associations also benefit from technical, material and human support on a one-off basis through "special events" organized throughout the year. Other benefits include media coverage on social networks, the production of a video clip and photo report, both broadcast online, or participation in a television program.

No. The most active associations become, at the end of a certain period, eligible for our "Association Pack", which allows them to receive in-kind support and especially certification training. They also get the opportunity to participate in thematic meetings. For more information, visit the "Association Pack" page at https://diriddik.ma/fr/decouvrir/pack-association

Respect the Dir iddik Charter, accessible at https://diriddik.ma/fr/decouvrir/charte-dir-iddik, and put at least one action (or project) on the website. Our team assists the majority of registered associations in managing their accounts and putting their projects online, before empowering them sustainably.

Each month, we put the spotlight on a representative of an association, whom we ask to leave a testimonial to share his or her experience and encourage other people to get involved in associative work. To be "Association of the Month", your association must stand out by the number of projects posted online, their impact, and the positive feedback from volunteers while collecting 200 points during the month. If this is the case, the Dir iddik team will contact you and ask you to answer some questions that will be shared on the website.

This happens very rarely and is usually the result of a request from the association itself for reasons of its own, such as the definitive cessation of its activities. The database is periodically updated and associations that have been inactive for too long (12 to 18 months) are contacted before any action is taken to remove them.