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faq Association pack

This is a free support, which meets a number of needs expressed by associations over the years, including needs in communication, visibility and training. This offer is exclusive to associations registered on the website diriddik.ma having already published and carried out a project calling for volunteers during the last year.

The "Association Pack" is made up of 2 components: Training support and visibility support. The free certification training support aims to develop the skills of associations and covers essential subjects such as financing, project management and communication. The visibility support allows enhanced media coverage through public display, digital campaigns and social networking, the creation of a turnkey website, and visibility on the Dir iddik website and during the Dir iddik Summit event.

An association that is connected, that communicates effectively on the internet, that benefits from good media coverage, and whose members are helped to increase their skills is more capable of developing its activities, mobilizing more volunteers and reaching more beneficiaries.

A unit within the Dir iddik team monitors the progress of associations and notes their "achievements". Associations that have put at least 1 action online over the past year are eligible for the Association Pack.

If your association is not yet registered, register it now by filling out the form available at https://diriddik.ma/fr/proposer-une-association. If it is already registered, do what you usually do: organize activities, put projects online on the Dir iddik website, and mobilize volunteers. You will then be contacted by the Dir iddik team to benefit from the association pack.